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Apprenticeship scheme to launch in Dorset schools

A scheme to promote apprenticeships to young people is being launched in schools across Dorset.

Dorset County Council and Ansbury, a company providing advice and guidance to young people, have teamed up to develop and launch the scheme in five schools across the county. The scheme aims to decrease the number of young people without recognised qualifications (9.4 per cent of 16-18 year olds as of June 2013) and improve their career prospects.

The campaign will be run via apprenticeship clubs on the schools' premises with the aim of providing more information to both parents and young people on the benefits and options within apprenticeships.

Pupils attending the clubs will be offered the opportunity to practise applications and interview skills, whilst also benefiting from meetings with local employers and established apprentices.

The first school to launch to Dorset campaign was The Purpeck School in Wareham. Head teacher Leanne Symonds welcomed over 100 families to the school to find out more about local apprenticeship opportunities. Families learned about the careers that can be pursued via apprenticeships, as well as the attributes employers are looking for and the types of learning that apprentices will experience.

Councillor Toni Coombs, Cabinet member for education at Dorset County Council, has highlighted her support for the campaign. Speaking to the Dorset Echo, she said: “It’s so important that young people continue to learn while they work. Qualifications are the key to climbing the ladder, finding other employment or going onto study at college or university. This is why apprenticeships offer something different and are perfect for young people who want to go straight into work."