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Approved Renewable Energy Courses Can Protect The Green Deal Code From Rogue Traders!

The 'Green Deal Code', launched this month, will make vital financial assistance available to householders around the UK. The scheme will enable more homes to be transformed by the implementation of renewable technologies and key energy saving work carried out by trained and qualified installers, to UKAS requirement - more details on the Green Deal Code can be read on this earlier post.Undoubtedly, this is an important government initiative to drive forward this country's ongoing commitment to reduce CO2 emission levels in the next ten to twenty years. It also represents a real responsibility for UK training organisations and their students to ensure that the 'rogue trader' element are excluded as far as possible to prevent undermining British public confidence in investing in renewable energy sources and making their homes as energy efficient as possible.According to SummetSkills, CITB-ConstructionSkills and Asset Skills - organisations representing workforce employers - the success of the 'Green Deal Code', is crucially dependent on ensuring the availability of highly trained, fully qualified and approved installers of environmental technology systems and appliances.In active support of ensuring compliance with maintaining rigorous standards for correct and safe installation work to be carried out, the government also announced that only those householders who use approved installers will qualify for Green Deal funding.Both the professional construction trade and renewable energy industry, along with leading UK skills trainers like AbleSkills would, no doubt, rush to express their full support to SummitSkills in their concern that,