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Does your area top the bill for illegal gas work?

Previously we looked at how the Able Skills Gas Courses contribute to keeping the UK warm through training staff correctly, making sure your home is run how its supposed to.

Through holding the correct documentation to becoming Gas Safe Registered, many still overlook the importance of such certification and do not realise the danger they put their families in. In order to emphasise the problem, the Gas Safe Register released data stemming from the past 5 years which revealed the most popular areas that are most at risk from dangerous gas appliances.

Can you believe the capital of the UK, none other than the city of London, is number one on the Gas Safe Register’s list for the highest percentage of illegal gas work deemed unsafe? With a whopping figure standing at 75% of homes at risk, it is no wonder why people are making good use of the free 24 hour national emergency number – 0800 111 999. This is to be used if you can smell gas or think there is a gas leak.

As the awareness of such topic increases, we see a positive correlation showing an increase in the number of students wanting to be trained and qualified with Able Skills Gas Courses. This places them on the path to becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. London may be number one on the list for unsafe work, however 9 other areas were named and shamed too, ultimately comprising of the top 10 list for unsafe gas work. Here’s how they rank for percentage of unsafe and illegal gas safe jobs:

London – 75%

Nottingham – 72%

Sheffield – 71%

Greater London – 70%

Manchester – 69%

Ipswich – 67%

Cardiff – 66%

Norwich – 66%

Edinburgh – 62%

Birmingham – 62%

Jonathan Samuel (Chief Executive of Gas Safe Register) said, ‘The findings from our investigations shows how dangerous illegal gas work can be.’ He further commented suggesting that we ‘do not cut corners and always check you are using a Gas Safe Registered Engineer so you’re safe in the knowledge that they are legally qualified to work in your home’.

Mr Samuel does sympathise with the many out there who have allowed for illegal gas work to be carried out as he recognises the fact that people have ‘so many things to juggle in this day and age its understandable that some people look for quick and easy solutions’. Despite this, he continues to stress the importance of fully qualified tradesmen who are gas safe registered who can provide safe and efficient work.

Able Skills always makes sure our gas courses, as well as our others, comply with the latest regulations on how to prepare students for the real world. We particularly promote the Gas Safe Register and offer gas courses for students looking to begin their career, as well as for those who are more experienced and seeking to achieve the correct qualification which will help them become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

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