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Australia needs trained trade skills now!

Unlike the UK and most of the rest of the world, Australia has managed to avoid recession! Essentially, for two reasons: it has a seemingly endless supply of natural resources, and China, who is a customer of these resources! Australia's main challenge is finding enough people to undertake the skilled work the booming economy is demanding, from almost any qualified and experienced trades person or professional, including bricklayers, plumbers, engineers, health workers, administrators, oil & gas workers and airline pilots among many more. Right now there are thousands of positions vacant in Australia, awaiting skilled workers and professionals from the UK, Ireland and elsewhere.In 2009 alone, over 200,000 new jobs have been created in Australia as the country evades recession and its economy continues to expand. Massive new trade and export deals plus multi-billion dollar national infrastructure projects are in train, to create more than a million new jobs over the next five years.The good news is that if you have trained on an approved City & Guilds trade skill NVQ course, countries like Australia and New Zealand will accept the qualifications as equivalent to their own official certifications. Listed trade occupations will give you a sufficient number of 'points', given according to their basic requirements . In addition, if you have relatives or a confirmed job offer, then these provide extra points.Having NVQ training qualifications in a specialised construction trade skill, you will also score highly in the Skilled Migrants category of the Migration program. You may also be required to show evidence of at least one years exerience after qualifying to work at your trade and the more proven experience gained, then the more 'points' you earn! Remember, that applications for visas, work permits and possible examinations can take many months so do check to find out the time scales involved and plan your training well in advance.Currently, official figures from Australia show the number of new homes will increase by 64,00 between now and 2014. Major new construction works are also planned. The expanding economy is fuelling great demand for office and factory space in addition to new homes for a rising population. It all adds up to an ever-expanding need for skilled workers. In fact, workers are urgently needed across the spectrum. For example, the most in-demand workers in Australia at this time are bricklayers, who can earn an average ?