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Back from Gibraltar to finish their training

They have come all the way from Gibraltar to complete the final aspects of their electrical training in our centre in Dartford.

Back from Gibraltar to complete their electrical training. Back from Gibraltar to complete their electrical training.

Jordan and Zhane are back from Gibraltar to complete the next two weeks of their Level 3 Electrical course. After months of hard work, they are close to completing both their level 2 and level 3 electrical courses with us at Able Skills.

They both live in Gibraltar and work for the same electrical company. Their company, Techtrolec, sent them both to Able Skills to achieve their electrical qualifications. After so much success with their level 2 electrical courses, their company have sent them back to complete their level 3 qualifications.

Throughout their time with us Jordan and Zhane have benefitted from doing it together as they have helped each other out to get through it. They are currently on week three of their practical training for their level 3 course.

Just like the level 2 electrical courses, Zhane and Jordan are completing the level 3 qualification as a home study course. This is so that they can complete all the theory work back in Gibraltar and then complete four weeks of practical training here at Able Skills. They have split up their practical training weeks due to working commitments.

Throughout their time training at Able Skills they have been staying in our very own accommodation we offer at Able Skills. For just £20 a night they have been able to stay and complete their practical training and revise for their exams only five minutes away from the training centre.

Due to the skills and qualifications they are gaining at Able Skills, their company, Techtrolec, have asked if we are able to take them through their NVQ process. Thanks to the high standard of training they have received with us they would like Zhane and Jordan to finish the process with us.

Techtrolec will be paying for one of our NVQ assessors to fly out to Gibraltar to complete all their on-site assessments so they can both achieve their NVQs.

If you are interested in taking a Home Study electrical course, like Zhane and Jordan, please contact us today on 0808 100 3245. We will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.