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Could you become a Carpenter in 2017?

Could you become a fully qualfied Carpenter in 2017 and start a fresh career?

The answer is yes you can!

Able Skills run a variation of different carpentry courses, from beginner course all the way through to NVQ qualfications. You could start an exciting new career as a Carpenter by training with us in Dartford.

Lots of people make the decision the start a new career at the turn of the year and it is said to be the most popular time for career changes along with September. Workers in all sectors will give the excuses that they are too old to train or that it is too late to retrain. However, lots of students at Able Skills have proved them wrong. We have students of all ages and abilities who come to us with no knowledge of carpentry and leave us ready to work in the industry.

Here is one happy Carpenter during his course as he looks to start his new career. Here is one happy Carpenter during his course as he looks to start his new career.

We currently have two exceptional carpentry instrucotrs who work tirelessly to give every student the best possible training as they look to get some skills or start their new careers. Also, in a few weeks we have a brand new instructor starting who will be adding to the fantastic carpentry team.

Whether you are just looking for a set of varied woodworking skills to carry out small jobs at home or looking to go ahead and start a new career, we have the course for you. Our short five day courses run by our instructors give you all the basic knolwedge you need to carry out smaller jobs. We also run longer courses that are rewarded with a whole set of skills and a City & Guilds qualfication at the end, which are recognised within the industry.

We are getting lots of bookings for our carpentry and joinery courses in 2017 already, so be quick to book your route to a new career. Contact us today on 01322 280202 for more information on our courses.