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How to Become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

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Have you been thinking of switching careers to become a Gas Safe Registered Engineer? Ask yourself the following questions...


  1. Do you prefer hands on work?
  2. Are you interested in learning new skills for life?
  3. How about being your own boss?

The route to becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer has never been clearer. More often than not, many of us look at courses online but can perhaps get distracted by the amount of choice offered to us.

That's exactly why we thought we would outline the requirements to help make the road to self employment a bit clearer. Let's begin with the first question assuming you're starting from scratch...

gas safeStep 1 - Training


What training do I need to become fully qualified? Well that's a great question. Assuming you don't hold any previous Plumbing Qualifications, All ESSENTIAL TRAINING can be found on the New Entrants Gas Training Package.

Such Gas Course looks at teaching you everything you need to know over the space of just 7 weeks.

As you can imagine, learning to be a Gas Safe Registered Engineer entails a whole range of topics:

  • Training on aspects of health and safety relevant within the gas industry, including asbestos awareness
  • Training to work safely around electrical systems
  • Training in the use of copper and low carbon steel so that your pipe skills are established at an acceptable standard.
  • Training on heating controls, Airing cupboard and radiator installation practices
  • Training in all areas of domestic gas safety

Students can also expect both written and practical assessments for the duration of the course. For a deeper look giving you examples of what's exactly covered can be found here.

Step 2 - Work Placement (Portfolio Completion)


gas coursesAfter successfully completing the 7 weeks training, students will under go their Work Placement (Portfolio Completion) in order to progress to officially being a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Reason being...

So you can demonstrate your competence in the work place through real life examples as you work alongside a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. It is here where your work gets recorded and verified as proof of competence is a requirement.

Now you may have heard of some gas students out therestruggling to find an existing Engineer to help them do so. Luckily for you, Able Skills WILL GUARANTEE you a work placement with Boiler Medic!

Step 3 - ACS (Approved Certification Scheme) - Core Domestic Gas Safety including Appliances


bpecThe CCN1 is the final stage you need to complete in order to be eligible for Gas Safe Registration.

The purpose of this Training/Assessment is to provide students with the knowledge and skills relating to safety regulations, procedures and British Standards. All of which must be applied when working on Gas Installations.

The the initial assessment for CCN1 takes a total of 5 days to complete. Content for this assessment can be found here.

But what if I hold previous Plumbing Qualifications?


Great! The Qualified Plumber Gas Training Package is the one for you!

Enabling you to take a different route towards becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer is on the cards. However, you still need to prove your competence through a work portfolio placement just like you would with the New Entrants Gas Training Package.

In addition, the CCN1 remains a requirement too!

Anything else?


gas safeWhether you have undertaken previous Plumbing Qualification or not, a course you may want to consider is the the Boiler Fault Finding Course.

Reason being is that it gives you a competitive advantage over others in the trade already as candidates' knowledge of boiler service repair and maintenance  tends to be at a minimum. For more information on what is covered exactly, please click here.

There you have it...


...The steps to becoming a Gas Safe Registered Engineer. Please keep in mind that we do offer various packages amongst the New Entrants Gas Training and the Qualified Plumber Gas Training to help you pick the right course for you.

To make things even more flexible we offer part time options too!

Should you have any questions you'd like to ask us feel free to give us a call on 0808 100 3245 or better yet, come see us in person! We operate 7 days a week between 8.30 and 4.30 and would love to show you around!

Alternatively click here for all our Gas Courses and be sure to check out the video below of them in motion.