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Become a Plumber and Gas Engineer with Able Skills

Many experienced Plumbers are much more than just Plumbers. The majority are qualified Gas Safe Engineers. Being a Plumber and Gas Safe Engineer allows them to carry out more work and earn more money.

Plumber Become a Plumber and Gas Engineer at Able Skills.

Here at Able Skills we offer both Plumbing and Gas Safety training. We offer these courses as a package or separate courses as we understand some people will not want to do both. Our plumbing and gas courses are extremely popular and we are training over 100 students each year to become Plumbers and Gas Engineers.

The starting point is the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing course. Getting a City & Guilds qualification is vital as it is a hugely recognised in the industry. This is a five-week course that involves a mixture of theory and practical training along with some exams and practical assessments.

After the plumbing course is completed, some students like to go out and work straight away to gain some experience. However, some students also like to get started straight away with their Gas Safety training. The gas safety course for qualified Plumbers is a three-week course. After the course is complete you will then move onto the portfolio. We can offer a portfolio placement with Boiler Medic, however, you can also complete your portfolio with another gas safe engineer.

Recently, we have had some former students tell us how well they have been doing with their new careers after completing their plumbing courses with us.

Here is our current Level 2 Plumbing group training here at Able Skills on the fourth week of their training. They are carrying out various practical training tasks, watch here:

Many of them will soon be moving onto their gas training with us.

If you are interested in becoming a Plumber and Gas Safe Engineer, contact us on 0808 100 3245. You can get started in the New Year!