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Become a Property Developer with Able Skills!

property developmentHave you got a property that is in desperate need of developing?

Sometimes when you need to develop a property, the price of getting trade workers in to complete the jobs can be extremely expensive. Doing it yourself isn’t always easy, however, with the right training and qualifications you could do it all yourself without having to worry and rely on others.

Here at Able Skills, we have seen property development become more and more popular. Many of our students have been doing a range of our courses to get the skills to enable them to go out and develop their properties. Due to this, we decided to create a programme of learning for students looking to become property developers.

This programme offers training in a range of trades that give you all the skills you may need to carry out a range of jobs. You will complete training in all the following trades:

Tiling: Hands-on (5 Days)

This course will cover both wall and floor tiling, teaching you to tile using a range of different products, covering different patterns and tiling in different areas.

Plumbing: Hands-on (5 Days)

This course deals with all aspects of domestic plumbing including systems and fittings, soldering techniques, jointing, bending and pressure testing copper tube, valves, taps and cisterns and plastic tube installations – all leading to a complete bathroom installation.

Plastering: Hands-on (5 Days)

This course covers fixing plasterboard and taping joints (except weekends), cutting and fixing angle beads, bonding of surfaces, skimming walls and ceilings.

Painting & Decorating: Hands-on (5 Days)

This course covers surface preparation work including repairs, application of both water based and oil-based products, cutting around obstructions, how to use brushes and rollers effectively and cutting, pasting and hanging wallpaper.

Domestic Electrics: Hands-on and theory (10 Days)

This 10 day course will provide you with the practical skills to undertake a variety of domestic electrical work whilst also giving you an insight in to Part P of the Building Regulations and provision of a C&G 2393 certificate

18th Edition Wiring Regulations: Theory based (3 days)

This 3 day course will compliment the domestic installer training and help you with registration on to a Competent Persons scheme for self-certification purposes if that is your choice. Equally, if you prefer to use your local Building Control for electrical installation notification, holding 18th Edition will aid this process

C&G 2392 – Fundamental Inspection and Testing: Hands-on and theory (5 days)

This course will cover the inspection and testing processes required when undertaking domestic electrical work. Again, it will aid scheme registration or Building Control processes.

This programme offers flexible learning options and payment plans. We require a £900 deposit for this course and then we the remaining balance is paid weekly when you are training. The beauty of this course means you are allowed to spilt up the eight weeks of training to suit your dairy. All that is required is that the electrical courses are done 4 weeks in a row.

If you fancy becoming a property developer, call 0808 100 3245 now and we can talk you through how to get started with your training.