'...One of the most important skills a plumber should possess is the ability to bend pipes of various materials quickly and accurately. Copper tube is probably one of the most widely used materials for both hot and water cold water supply and domestic heating and it is essential that a plumber can bend it quickly and accurately. You must not try to bend a piece of pipe that is too short. You would have to apply a good deal of physical pressure, which could lead to injury, and kink the pipe, or both...'

You have just read an excerpt from the AbleSkills Home Study Plumbing Theory City & Guilds 6129 Technical Certificate on one of the main technical skills that plumbers can be trained to do to the highest standards of specification. Working out exact pipe lengths, making perfect curved bends and knowing how to put them all together so as to ensure a correct functioning water supply system is a major part of the plumber's technical knowledge kit. A neat, precise job, cleanly finished, is the true mark of the well-trained 'super plumber'!

The secret is in how you bend it! It has to be exactly right otherwise, even just a little bit out, will make all the difference, so when you try to join up the straight length of connected pipe at the other end, you will be out by a margin. You can bend with your hands or with special pipe bending machines but you will need to concentrate on making a very easy but careful calculation. By doing so, you will be able to work out where to bend the pipe and by applying just the right amount of pressure, get a perfect result - which is always very satisfying!

Reading and learning the theory of these vital training skills and knowledge can be easily done from the comfort of own your own armchair at home! The AbleSkills Theory Training manual covers the compete City & Guilds Technical 6129 Course and the great thing about learning from home is that you can do it in your own time and at your own pace! Every section has its own Self assessment Questions so you can check on how well you are remembering what you have read. Once they are memorised, then it's a simple matter of putting them into practice in the AbleSkills dedicated 6129 Course workshop!

So - if you wanna bend it like plumbers, you need to get into theory training and join the premier Ableskills league now !