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Benefits Of The Home Study Courses


electrical coursesHere at Able Skills we understand that long training courses do not fit everyone’s lifestyle. Therefore, we have Home Study Courses for our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing course and for both our City & Guilds Level 2 & 3 Electrical Courses.

The Home Study has proved to be hugely popular at Able Skills, with lots of people now choosing this route into their chosen industry rather than committing to a full course.

There are lots of benefits of the Home Study route and after speaking with students currently on the Home Study course, we have listed all the big benefits:

  1. Flexibility


The flexibility of the Home Study is without doubt the biggest benefit of the course. Not everyone can commit to a long course here at Able Skills, so the Home Study route allows you to break up your training and fit it around your every day life. From doing all the theory work at home and booking your practical training to fit your diary.


  1. Payment Structure


The payment structure for our Home Study courses allows our students to make their course more affordable to their financial needs. With an initial deposit that gains you access to the Home Study pack in either electrical or plumbing. The rest of the payments are split of the time of your practical training with a £250 deposit paid to book a practical week then an extra £250 when you come into train. This is over four separate weeks of training.


  1. Organised Training


Our Home Study courses are organised and well structured to maximise every bit of time you have in our centre. For both plumbing and electrical level 2 courses, four weeks of practical training is required, and these can be split up to fit your diary. Each week is broken down into set tasks to make sure everything is covered during your course. Also, within these training weeks, your online exams are mapped out to easily organise your revision schedule.


  1. Home Learning


All learning is done at home or even wherever you like to study, it is completely up to you where you complete your theory work. It allows you to easily organise your working schedule whether it be at home, library, bus, train or tube. It easily allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home or space.


  1. Work at your own pace


The Home Study courses allow you to work at your own pace when learning all the theory work. Whether you want to get the theory down quickly or take your time and go at a slower pace then the Home Study allows you to do this as you are following your own schedule. When working with a group some people find that they are going to fast or to slow for their learning needs and this is why the Home Study suits these students as they can plan out and work at their own speed.


  1. Work and learn


Changing career and booking a course can be expensive and therefore the Home Study allows you to train and work at the same time. You can fit your learning around your working life, whether you learn on your commute, in the evenings or even the morning, it allows you to train while continuing to work and fund the course.

Our Plumbing Courses and Electrician Courses are proving to be as popular as ever before and the Home Study option is a perfect alternative for those that want to train around their working lives.

If you are interested in starting a Home Study course with us, please contact us today on 0808 100 3245. Also, you can visit us at our centre in Dartford and walk away with a Home Study pack straight away to get your new career kick started.

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