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Benefits of Smart Screen on your City & Guilds Course

city & guildsCity & Guilds qualifications are recognised worldwide, and we see students from all walks of life coming to get a City & Guilds qualification to start a new career in the UK or anywhere in the world. We also have people come from all over the world to train with us and get the City & Guilds qualification they need to go back and get work.

With the majority of our City & Guilds qualification courses, we can offer an extra learning aid called ‘Smart Screen’. This allows our students to complete their course was lots of extra learning material and revision material.

There are many benefits to using Smart Screen with your course and lots of tutors will use Smart Screen within their teaching plans. We have spoke to some tutors about the benefits of Smart Screen.

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Extra Learning Guide

Smart Screen offers much more than just basic course content, it enables you to test yourself and keep learning when not in class. With lots of worksheets and PowerPoint presentations, it allows you to go over what you have learnt and learn at your own will.

Accessible Learning

With Smart Screen being online it allows our students to take their learning wherever they go. Whether it be on a phone, tablet or laptop they can catch up on some worksheets or just some general learning on the go. It offers so much that you will never be short of learning material.

Greater Detail

It allows you to go into much greater detail in some subjects you might be unsure on and allows you to test yourself on these areas. The magnitude of material on Smart Screen means that you will never be short on learning tools.

Pace your Learning

Smart Screen also gives you the flexibility to pace your learning. If you aren’t quite understanding something in class, you can speak with your tutor and also go home and go over things on Smart Screen at your own pace.


It is a fantastic revision tool for our students when preparing for an exam. With set units having all their own worksheets that are easily mapped out it makes it easy to pick and plan your revision for your up and coming exam.

Here is an example of a layout of all the worksheets and learning material for a Unit on the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course:

If you are interested in carrying out a City & Guilds course with us at Able Skills, then Smart Screen will help you through it with its fantastic learning material offered. You can contact us today on 0808 100 3245 for more information on Smart Screen and our courses.