Here's a look at some really useful Mobile Applications for Carpenters at work!


Technology is a vital part of our existence these days, everything is instant quick and online. So why not take advantage of the tools available and make life simpler for yourself?  Let's take a look at some potentially useful Apps for Carpentry professionals:



Both Apple and Google have made an app called “Measure” for their respective platforms which does pretty much the same thing. Using Augmented Reality (AR), it lets you measure any object in your vicinity. It uses the phone’s sensors and cameras to do so. It is so intuitive and easy to use that its a wonder how it's so accurate, but it is in fact very accurate. This could be very useful in certain situations, there is also a spirit level built-in.


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Measure is available on both IOS & Andriod.


The Woodshop Widget:


The Woodshop Widget App is an application that can be very useful as a carpenter... The app gives you an estimate about how boards of different types of wood might grow or shrink under different conditions. Other than that, the app also contains tools like species comparison, a board volume calculator, unit conversion aids and a compound-and-crown assistant for crown moulding and decorative elements. The app also contains a list of densities of around 200 types of wood!


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The Workshop Widget is available on IOS & Andriod


Planner 5D:


Planner 5D has got you covered with everything from remodelling and renovating. You can create 2D and 3D floor plans very easily using this application. It has even got a catalogue of 3000+ items through which you can browse furniture, appliances, household items, etc.

This may not be useful on a day-to-day basis for your average carpenter, but if you have an ongoing project, or you have the opportunity to work on a massive scale, then this software could be extremely useful to you. Creating a 3D model of a wooden item before constructing it is similar to how traditionally carpenters may draw out their design, jot down measurements and so on. But the ability to use this modelling software means you can make your vision truly come to life, edit in very high detail and organise your ideas.


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Planner 5D Is available on Desktop, IOS & Andriod


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