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BHETA preparing for spring forums

The British Home Enhancement Trades Association (BHETA) is holding its next DIY forum in Birmingham on 4 April, and will welcome representatives from the international trade equipment industry to speak to delegates.

John Colley, the chief commercial officer at Maxeda Group – which owns Belgium’s Brico and the Netherlands’ Praxis DIY retailers – has been asked to address the gathering and will be inviting people to bring up subjects for discussion. Mr Colley will be sharing his thoughts on the current state of the DIY retail arena and how things such as international supply chains are affecting the modern industry.

Other professionals who have been asked to address the gathering include Ralf Rahmede, who is the general manager of the European Federation of DIY Manufacturers (Fediyma) as well as the head of German DIY trade association, Hersellerverband Haus und Garten.

Paul Brown, the man behind global sales agents database, Agentbase, will also be addressing the gathering, possibly providing BHETA members with a route to market.

Before the DIY forum, however, BHETA will be holding a housewares forum on 21 March, also in Birmingham, which will feature addresses from housewares retail experts, software providers and skills training specialists.