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Bigger Construction Contracts in January!

We’ve seen the construction industry go up and down over the past view years with Brexit looming and output has been low across the industry in 2018. However, starting in January 2019 there has been positive news within the industry. Construction Contracts value was up on figures from December.

Reported on SPECFINISH, Construction Contract values went up by 9.9% on December’s figures. This is what was said:

“The latest edition of the Economic & Construction Market Review from industry analysts Barbour ABI highlights shows that the total value of construction contracts awarded in January 2019 was £5.5 billion which is 9.9% higher than December 2018 figures. 

The residential sector was the largest in January 2019 with a 28% share, followed by infrastructure with a 21% share and the commercial & retail sector with a 20% share. 

The largest contract awarded in January was the £400 million Paddington Cube in Paddington Square, London within the commercial & retail sector. This development covers 49,676 sq m of office and retail space and was awarded to Mace.”

It shows how busy the construction industry currently is across the UK. New building work is going on in all areas of the UK, whether it is new flats, houses or even office buildings, more work is always going on.

This is requiring lots more skilled workers across all the trades in the construction industry. New workers will be needed a lot in the coming months and years. Here at Able Skills, we are seeing lots of students starting new careers in the industry, whether it is in Carpentry, Bricklaying or even Plumbing.

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