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Biomass Boiler At Green Energy College

News of the increasing uptake of high profile renewables technology systems like solar heating and ground source heat pumps, backed by government initiatives like the FeedIn Tariff scheme, are helping to bring the vital message of energy efficiency to householders around the UK.Education and knowledge is key to understanding the different renewable energy source types, why and how the new sustainable technologies operate and what it will mean to everybody on a practical, everyday level. AbleSkills, as one of the South East England's established accredited training providers, has stepped up to the plate and is very much in the front line of preparing trainee candidates on electrical courses or plumbing training with the opportunity to go on to train on renewable energy courses to meet the challenges ahead.Another example of leading by example to illustrate the important message of adopting sustainable energy is at Ringmer Community College, where they have just recently updated its heating system by installing a 450kW biomass boiler, which will help the college reach its reduced carbon target by 300 tonnes and energy usage by 15% by 2011. Ringmer Community College, who have previously installed a wind turbine, solar photovoltaic panels and a ground source heat pump, have won many awards for its work in creating a sustainable environment and showing the best means of energy usage.Biomass fuel, which is almost always used for generating heat, is mostly sourced from?