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Block booking with Able Skills Electrician Courses – Inspection and Testing (2391)

Able Skills are proud to take block bookings for electrical companies who need to make sure their staff members are fully qualified within Inspection and Testing. As the industry demands those skilled enough to carry out such relevant work, its worth noting that being legally able to carry out such work with our City & Guilds accredited electrician courses, is an essential skill to hold for any aspiring electrical installer.


If you feel you are at the point of enrolling onto such course, Able Skills are more than happy to cater for you and your entire company. Holding exclusive space for just you and your colleagues, we can work with you to arrange training at our huge centre in Dartford giving you guys theoretical and practical learning space entirely to yourself! If you are interested in block booking for your company, please get in touch and we can make this happen.

The 2391 Inspection and Testing Course is one of the several Electrician Courses we offer. Being primarily for those who haven’t directly dealt with inspection and testing since their original electrical qualification, you may find its now time to learn towards such course, even if you wish to simply keep your skills up to date.

electrician coursesIt can be completed over a 6 day period which includes training and an online exam which is then followed by both a practical and written assignment.

Now one thing that may come to mind is fitting the course in around work…that’s why we have made learning even more flexible as you are more than welcome to arrange training over 3 weekends as well as in the week. It really is a course that can essentially be ran especially for your team to get you where you need to be.

If you fancy the idea of block booking, you may want to do the same for our 18th Edition course too. Every Electrician working in the UK is advised to take the 18th Edition Course within the next year as regulations are set to come into practice soon after. We also recently launched our 1 day 18th Edition Update Course which looks at the changes coming into play which may also be worth looking at.

To avoid delay and disappointment, give us a call on 0808 100 3245 to arrange a block booking! Course details of both Inspection and Testing and the 18th Edition Courses can be found here! In the mean time take a look at another picture in 360 degress below...