Boiler Fault Finding Courses, Popular As Ever!


Here at Able Skills, we run a variety of Gas courses, but one course that is always popular is our Boiler Fault Finding Courses! They are always full as the course is an essential training programme for anybody looking to work with boilers in the future. This course is perfect for those completing a New Entrant Gas Training Package as the course will add specific knowledge about boilers not found in the new entrants' courses.


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Make sure your Boiler is being serviced by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer!


This course is aimed at those individuals who are looking to enhance their practical skills with additional technical knowledge on boiler maintenance, fault finding and repair. This is an essential skill to be adding to your arsenal and should not be overlooked! We have provided ACS assessments and general Gas courses, preparing students to become Gas safe for a number of years - it became obvious to us that candidates knowledge of boilers and heating systems was limited, that is why we devised this 5-day course that has been a popular choice for students ever since.


What will I learn?


You will learn about boiler servicing through hands-on practical learning. The best way to learn is to get stuck in - during the course we mix in old and new systems so that when you are out working on-site and come across a variety of applicances you will have a broader knowledge on how the different boilers and how they operate!

The course is only 5-days in total, but we pack in as much information as we can...You will learn a variety of subject including the following:

Boiler Fault Finding:

  • Multimeter training
  • Electrical Safety tests
  • Testing pumps
  • Testing switches
  • Testing fans
  • Fan switches
  • Temperature sensors and stats
  • Diverter Valves
  • Domestic Heat Exchangers
  • Expansion Vessels

More information on the course:


If you are looking for some more information about Boiler Fault Finding Courses or any other Gas training that we offer then browse our website or get in contact with us on 0808 100 3245! Alternatively, we have an open policy and will guide candidates that come into our office by showing you around our training facilities, answering questions and providing you with the best options in terms of the Gas courses to achieve your specific goals! Come into our office located in Dartford, just a short walk away from the local train station and talk to a representative during our opening hours of 8:30 - 16:30 - we are happy to help!