The bricklaying centre at Able Skills is easily one of the most popular area for short and long courses. Every week we have new students looking to help bridge the gap in the bricklaying industry.


Occasionally, Simon, our bricklaying instructor loves to give out the hardest tasks for his students that like the challenge. Matt is currently on a full hands-on bricklaying course which he finishes today and he made the bold decision to ask for a project that was more challenging.

We can only imagine the look on his face when Simon gave him his next project. Matt described it as ‘the hardest thing he has done’. However, he didn’t back down and he has worked very hard on it.

Matt is a builder and he has skills in multiple different trades that allow him to run his own business and complete a wide range of different building work. His company is MBS McGurk Building Services and they carry out lots of different building work. Although, Matt thought he had one trade missing and this was bricklaying. After some thorough research he chose us at Able Skills to complete four weeks of bricklaying training.

The task that Simon gave to Matt, is one of the most interesting bit of brickwork we have seen at Able Skills. Some students have described it as a ‘Transformer’, either way it will look great when it is finished because Matt has improved massively in his new trade.

The different stages of his construction of this piece has been pictured and the development is clear and you can see that it is a fantastic structure from the beginning.

Here is the beginning stages of the structure that all the students called the transformer.



Here is Matt adding the additions to the transformer.


Here he is cutting the brick for the top design.


The top design was constructed very well by Matt

Here is the final piece and Matt was extremely happy with it.


Here is the final piece completed and the students were right, it does look like a transformer.