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Bricklaying course takers could benefit from new government adviser

People who have trained on bricklaying courses could benefit from a new government announcement.

A chief adviser is to be appointed on the construction industry, in a bid to help ensure the UK remains competitive.

As well as procuring construction, the individual, who it is planned will be in place by the end of the year, will also promote innovation in the industry.

Economic secretary Ian Pearson said: "This role will provide a central 'focal point' for the construction sector acknowledging the value of this sector and the importance of delivering a sustainable and low carbon economy."

Business minister Ian Lucas added that the government was now "pressing hard ahead with recruiting" in construction.

Other key areas of the post include the enhancement of a sustainable construction strategy in the sector.

The Low Carbon Industrial Strategy was launched in July and highlights the work done by the government to ensure that there are minimal impacts in the transition to more environmentally-friendly procedures.