bricklaying coursesBrick by brick John Joseph built his career to the point where he found his love for teaching and chose Able Skills as the platform to demonstrate such passion. Being one of our instructors to those who have enrolled onto our Bricklaying Courses, John takes great pride in teaching others what he has learnt over an accumulation of years. The experience he holds is really second to none and loves to learn new things with the intention of teaching them to those around him.

John’s successful career within Bricklaying starting at the young age of 15 when he had just left school and decided it was time to work on site, initially as a labourer. It was on the same site John realised the opportunities Bricklaying could bring. John was quick to explain however, that he knew he wouldn’t get anywhere in life without the correct qualifications to secure work for the future.

John wanted to progress as fast as possible and knew it was time to get qualified and did so by attending evening classes. Becoming qualified with Bricklaying Courses, John knew he made the right choices after he saw first hand of the prosperity such career would bring him.

bricklaying coursesThe love for his trade really took off after he knew it was time to finally go for his Post Graduate Certificate in Education at Greenwich University. Such qualification would then enable John to teach Bricklaying Courses professionally and has held such title since 1998. Yes, with 20 years experience to date of feeding students hunger for learning, Johns qualifications do not stop there.

John explained he lives by the simple motto, ‘If you don’t use your brain, you’ll lose it’. He has lived by those exact words after enrolling onto and successfully passing his masters in construction at Anglia Ruskin University, Level 6 site management certificate, an advanced craft City & Guilds course in Bricklaying as well as several other construction trades and has even received a ‘Master Bricklaying award through Guild of Bricklayers as an award of recognition’. Such award has only been given to 2000 people across the UK and is a real honour to claim such award.

bricklaying coursesbricklaying coursesWhen one applies hard work to what they love, we believe great things can really be achieved. The career John has led is a true reflection of this, as once he became fully qualified to teach bricklaying courses as well as many other trades, John ran a programme that showed troubled 14-16 years kids another side of life through providing construction training. Achieving great satisfaction in such teaching, John then transferred his skills to the prison service and again, showed people another side to life.

Take a bow John! Able Skills are really proud to have you and its no wonder why we get great feedback from your students! If you would like to meet John and have him as your own tutor, please view the bricklaying courses we offer here. John would love to show you the way to a career just like his!