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Get your Bricklaying NVQ here at Able Skills

bricklaying nvqSkilled workers are being called out across the country to work on building sites. However, being a time-served Bricklayer may not give you the access to work that you are easily capable of carrying out. Without the correct qualifications, such as the Bricklaying NVQ, you will not be able to get a CSCS Card that will give you access to work on a building site.

It is now a requirement for all site workers to have a CSCS Skilled workers card, it is now extremely important that everyone achieves an NVQ in their chosen trade. Without an NVQ you will not have the right qualifications to apply for a CSCS Card therefore not going access to work on-site.

There are two routes on offer for those Bricklayers needing a Bricklaying NVQ, they can both be seen here:

The EWPA (Experienced Worker Practical Assessment) which is for the time-served Bricklayers that have worked in the industry for over five years but are now looking at gaining a Bricklaying NVQ. In order to qualify for this route, you will need to give at least five years’ worth of evidence showing you have worked as a Bricklayer and carrying out all the required work. Once you have done this you will come in for a profiling at our centre in Dartford. This will be followed up by completing a portfolio of work completed as a Bricklayer and finally a 2-day practical assessment here in our centre to test your competency.

The OSAT (On-Site Assessments) route is for those Bricklayers that have been working in the industry under five years and are now looking to achieve an NVQ that will gain them access to a CSCS Card. For this route here at Able Skills we can arrange work-based assessments carried out by our NVQ assessors. This will let you prove your competency as a Bricklayer and help you gain an NVQ. You will need access to site work where our assessor can come out and assess you. Also, you will need to be within a 60-mile radius of our training centre for our assessors to come out to your place of work.

These routes will help you gain the NVQ you need to get work on-site as a Bricklayer and gain that all important CSCS Card.

If you are an experienced worker in any construction trade needing an NVQ, please contact us today on 0808 100 3245 and we can see which route will suit you the best.

Also, if you are a New Entrant into the Bricklaying world, then we have a whole range of high quality courses available here in Dartford. See them in action here: