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Bricklaying Training Courses to lead onto an NVQ!

You can begin a new career by training at Able Skills with many different trades, our bricklaying training courses are up there with our most popular courses.

bricklaying training courses You can gain an NVQ Level 2 with our bricklaying training courses.

This Level 2 NVQ qualification is ideal for anyone who has a desire to enter the career of a bricklayer. After the eight-week bricklaying course, you will find yourself ready for employment and to start your on-site assessments. It aims to put confidence and competence into everyone that wants to follow this path. Hard work, determination and motivation are all things which are key for success in the bricklaying training courses like ours.

The bricklaying training courses are great for being able to easily gain all the appropriate experience, skills and knowledge through the practical teaching methods. It will mean that you will be able to easily carry out jobs and tasks in the future. This course also offers those who take it a focus on reality too, which gives everyone an enhanced understanding of all the things that need to be done during the course.

You will be able to learn about many different relevant aspects of bricklaying, including information on masonry structures, as well as general things including health and safety, and how to be productive in working practices.

It results in you developing a stronger understanding of what these careers are like in the workplace. You can also get involved in dealing with resources and further optional construction areas. With things like these, you will certainly gain a deep insight into bricklaying and career path with which the training brings.

The training which is offered would be very beneficial for those who take this course, seen as you will also be able to gain a solid understanding on how to adopt good working practices and multiple practical tasks. This results in making your training directly transferable to when you are in a working environment as a bricklayer. The combination of bricklaying training offered gives you a good opportunity to secure work and also gain additional qualifications.

You will need to gain an NVQ to achieve a CSCS skilled workers card to work be able to work on-site as a Bricklayer.

We offer a simple bricklaying course as a starting point for those who are interested, however we also have a Level 2 bricklaying diploma for those who want a more advanced approach. As well as this Level 2 NVQ, it can also be offered as a Level 3 NVQ for bricklaying for those who want to progress further in their studies and become more skilled.

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