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British Gas Green Jobs Recruitment Good News For Trained and Qualified Plumbers.

Good news for all those entering the skilled trades industry with trained qualifications in green energy installations as news is released of British Gas rapidly increasing its recruitment of trained and qualified plumbers competent to undertake new renewable energy installations. The energy supplier sees the new coalition government's plan to help households finance renewable power generation and heating equipment as a key decision in the expansion of the market for renewable energy sources such as PV solar panels and heat pumps.In addition, British Gas is aiming to form a 1,100 strong home insulation division by the end of March 2011 as part of their overall drive to transform their services to now include those trained and qualified individuals with green skills who will be out there installing technology in households and businesses. This major development reflects the shift towards a an industry marketplace seeing substantial demand for skilled engineers in installing green energy.British Gas has 10,000 engineers already in its domestic business and 1,000 have already been taken on as green engineers. The company is also accelerating its recruitment and retraining plans as it becomes more confident that demand will exist for these green skills in the near feature. The company has at least 100 of its engineers trained to install micro generation equipments like small wind turbines and solar panels.Established trainers, AbleSkills have invested considerable resources into developing purpose built green energy workshop classrooms in order to provide top class course instruction taught by experienced industry professionals. Student plumbers have a tremendous opportunity to become involved with renewable technology once they have completed their initial required NVQ Plumbing 6129 training on an approved and accredited City and Guilds course.