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Brits urged to inform insurers of home improvements

Research from has revealed that vast numbers of Brits fail to let their insurers know if they have added an extension or loft conversion to their homes.

The price comparison site questioned homeowners across the UK about whether they let their home insurers know following alterations or structural improvements to their home.

Twenty-six per cent of those surveyed revealed that they would not inform their insurance company as ‘they did not think it was necessary,’ according to This Is Leicestershire.

Meanwhile, three per cent would not let their insurer know because they ‘could not be bothered,’ whilst two per cent would fail to inform their insurance firm deliberately, in case it raised the cost of the premium.

Insurance spokesperson at, Hannah Mercedes-Skenfield, told the local newspaper, “I urge all those people carrying out home improvement work, whether it is a luxurious loft conversion or comfortable conservatory, to inform their home insurance provider.”

Turning to a qualified tradesman when planning structural alterations to a home is always a wise move, as attempting to do it yourself could result in costly, damaging or even dangerous mistakes.

Demolishing load bearing walls or carrying out electrical or plumbing work wothout the expert knowledge and experience of a tradesman could end up costing far more in the long run.