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Mark is one of the latest students to begin training on the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course. After deciding being a cab driver isn't for him after 5 years, Mark took a leap of faith and put his desire to the test with a more hands on role like Plumbing.

Today we'll find out more about Mark; like what made him turn to Plumbing Courses, how he's finding the course thus far and what his plans are for the future. Without further ado, here's Mark...

So Mark, What Made You Finally Go For It?

Well you heard me say to the other students about how I simply can't spend another day sitting down which is probably what made you come and speak to me! I've been a cab driver for 5 years and to be honest, it has been an ok job financially, but as far as enjoying the job goes, it's not for me.

So Why Plumbing Then?

Well I was chatting away with one of my passengers who was a Plumber. We were just talking about jobs and he said to me you'd be surprised how much he makes as a Plumber. He's said he's been working for a firm in particular for a couple of years and by what he was saying they really look after him.

Other cab drivers I know are just as miserable as I was but every time a tradesmen jumped in, they always seemed more upbeat. Maybe it was just a coincidence but to be honest with you I saw it as another sign.

How Did You Find Able Skills Plumbing Courses?

After the conversation I had with that Plumber I googled Plumbing Courses and you guys came up first. I called the number to see if i was eligible as I don't have any Plumbing experience but they said alot of people who train here don't either and that's why they're so busy. I actually did the Introduction to Plumbing Course first to get a better idea of what to expect and I continued on with the Level 2 from there.

Plans After?

plumbing courses

Able Skills Plumbing Courses Are City & Guilds Accredited

Definitely get started on site and offer private work too. With what I'm being taught by Ben (the instructor), i'll be able to offer private work straight away. Obviously domestic stuff of course.

Well Done Mark!

Mark is a prime example of someone who simply went for it. Yes, he did speak to a couple of people first, but he knew he wanted a hands on role and heard about not only the demand for work, but the ability to offer private jobs so quickly.

Mark isn't the first one to tell us about how quickly he was offering private work as former student Stuart Purdy told us he did the same thing too!

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