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Call out plumber to check your boiler this summer

There are plenty of people who will be delighted that the warmer months have arrived, as it means they can shut off their home heating for a while and save some pennies.

This is all well and good, but the summer is also a great time to check that your boiler is in good shape.

It may not feel like the most important item on the agenda when the sun is high in the sky and the windows are wide open, but it could be the smartest move you make all season.

A plumbing and heating professional will be able to diagnose a range of issues that could lead to faults later down the line. In the long run, a call to one of our qualified engineers could save you money.

But what if you're having problems already? Well, we can help with that too, with a team of 24 hour plumbers waiting on hand to assist you.

An emergency plumber will not only be able to tell you what the immediate issue is, they will also have the skills to check if there is an underlying issue that homeowners are not aware of.

Jason Orme, editor of Homebuilding & Renovating, recently noted that the difficult economic circumstances in the UK have prevented people from spending cash on their property.

He said: "Obviously work around DIY and anything to do with the home is a significant investment and at the moment people are thinking twice about how much money they are willing to put into their homes."

While this is a valid line of argument, the importance of having a fully-functional plumbing system is self-evident and will become even more significant as the days get shorter and the temperatures drop.

So whether you are calling in advance of a problem or reacting to a current issue, ringing a plumber in London will be a worthwhile way to spend your money.ADNFCR-2585-ID-800673199-ADNFCR