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Campaign For More Women In Plumbing!

The construction industry has predominantly been a very male oriented sector but let us be the first to tell you that we have seen a steady increase in the amount of females undergoing construction training!

It's a very positive thing when we see students breaking stereotypes and Able Skills has accommodated students coming from career backgrounds you wouldn't imagine. To see them then become successful in their trade goes to show anyone can do it, you just have to want it enough.

This has certainly played somewhat of a big part in getting more females into Plumbing Courses as the industry is starting to recognise females are just as skilled!

Watersafe reports that less than 1% of Plumbers in the UK are female and putting the fact that it's pays very well to the side, the job also offers great job satisfaction in something there's alot of demand for.

Their Get Girls Plumbing campaign encourages women to forget about the out-dated stereotype that plumbing is a job better suited to men and with the UK undergoing a sills shortage, females may just be the answer to the country's problems!

plumbing courses Students hard at work on their Plumbing Courses!

Here's What WaterSafe approved plumber Hannah Dorkenoo Leggat had to say

I would encourage any women thinking of becoming a plumber to go for it as it is such a rewarding job. You get to meet so many different people, some with amazing stories. The best decision I made was to become a plumber.”

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Being a female plumber can also have its advantages, as Hannah explains: “I have been to elderly customers’ houses late at night, and the first thing they have said to me was: 'I'm so glad you're a woman’ … I am fairly short too so it means I can get into some tight spaces that a stocky bloke might not be able to!

Julie Spinks, director of WaterSafe said:

“These days there’s nothing a male plumber can do that a female can’t, and our research shows that many women and elderly customers in particular welcome the chance to employ a female plumber in their home.”

As we stated earlier, we've had many females training at our centre which you can see in the above pictures. If you're interested in one of our Plumbing Courses and want to know where they can take you, please click here.