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Campaign Launched To Help Save More Electricians!

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Health and safety within the Electrical Industry is always a topic that receives a lot of attention. As of late, there is a strong push for Electricians to start thinking more about health and safety for themselves with campaigns like the 'Save Our Sparks' campaign being pushed by 'Super Road and 'CEF'.

In order to bring greater national awareness for the subject, the two entities have teamed up together in a partnership that was inspired by a former electrician who sadly passed away at the young age of 26. Michael Adamson was fatally electrocuted to death back in 2005 after the site he had been working on failed to meet a number of health and safety requirements!

You Must Practice Health And Safety!

For those who may know what it refers to, the site Michael had been working on failed to implement safe isolation procedures and provide lock off devices and testing equipment. It was a combination of these things that eventually lead to his death and has since caused uproar as to why the work-site wasn't taking health and safety procedures seriously. It's fine undergoing Electrician Courses and looking to work on site, but as soon you you're out in the real world, you must begin to implement everything you learnt from the training course.

As of last year, Super Rod and Michael's sister Louise Taggart began working together to make sure another tragedy doesn't happen to someone else's brother. A survey was carried out on over 800 members of the Electrician Community on Facebook which revealed some shocking statistics.

Here's What They Found...

They found that a quarter of Electricians barely ever used a lock out kit to isolate the electrical supply that's being worked on. What's even worse is the fact that 20% of Electricians didn't even carry one with them. This certainly is not good practice for anyone new the trade and has just completed various Electrician Courses.

Want to know something common amongst all fields of work? People become complacent. After doing the same thing day in, day out, people often feel like they become exempt to potential accidents. For example, the same survey discovered laziness when using a voltage tester to prove dead before actually starting work. The findings showed that one in ten don't even use one and a third of respondents said they were so experienced that they don't need to use one to check!

Super Rod Managing Director Malcolm Duncan said:

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“Our research campaign put the issue of safe isolation practices firmly into the spotlight, but we knew we needed to follow it up with something that would encourage installers to take action and ensure they are always operating in a safe working environment. So we approached CEF with an idea and worked with them to develop the Save Our Sparks campaign, which will give installers access to the tools they need to work safely – day in, day out.”

It goes towards a very good cause and it's amazing to see such push by people who are literally trying to help save lives. This is something that all Electricians can benefit from, or even if you work on basic domestic electrics. What's essential is that you guys make sure you have completed the 18th Edition Course (otherwise known as the latest wiring regulations).

Interested in Electrician Courses and Electrician Training? Please make sure you take this into consideration when not only training, but working in the real world too!