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Can Study at Home Change your Life?

We think it can.

If for some time you have longed for a change of career but feel restricted by time, finances or even age then maybe an opportunity for you to study at home may be the answer.

Blended learning / Distance learning (part study at home) is not a new way of learning, it may though be a way of learning that you have not yet considered.

An increasing number of people are looking to home learning as a practical means of upgrading skills, launching a second career or improving their earning potential. The benefits of home learning can be valuable as you have the opportunity to do things at your own pace, learning at times and in places that suit you and enhancing your prospects without having to take too much time out from other aspects of your life.

Distance learning is ideal for students who cannot get away from home to take a full time course at college and who'd welcome the chance to study part time at their own pace, based in their own homes.


Whether your goal is to upgrade your skills for your present job or to launch a completely new and exciting career you will need quality learning leading to quality, recognised qualifications.

With our blended learning option for training you can become a successful qualified Electrician or Plumber fitting your training around job and family commitments. We can train you for the right qualifications so you can build a rewarding career as a professional electrician or plumber, whichever is your choice.

With Able Skills approach to blended learning, you are not forced to study on a fixed schedule at all. You will pretty much have the opportunity to dictate the pace of your learning so that your life has minimal disruption.

If you choose this learning option, we will start by sending you a comprehensive Home-Study pack which will contain all of the theory behind your chosen subject. This pack is effectively you deciding to replace access to a tutor in a classroom environment.

The packs devised by Able Skills have been written by the instructors here, based on the courses that they deliver week in and week out. They have sought guidance from City & Guilds handbooks to ensure relevancy and have also included additional information taken from the various resources that are available. More importantly, they have used experience and common sense to get the information across and have also added some self-assessment sections so that you can monitor your own progress.

Obviously, for these 2 particular trades, you cannot be deemed competent or qualified based on theory study alone and this is where the term ‘blended learning’ starts to make sense.

At some stage, when you feel ready, you will have to attend Able Skills training facilities to start to receive practical training and assessments as well as undertake mandatory exams that are set by City & Guilds.

The culmination of theory tests and practical assessments will eventually provide you with the qualifications you are seeking which in turn will set you on the road to starting your new career.

Once you have the entry level qualifications under your belt (level 2) you will have the choice to progress further and add more qualifications at higher levels, broadening your scope of knowledge and making you all the more relevant within your newly chosen industry.

Able Skills has thought long and hard about the problems associated with learning and we feel that with the flexible attendance on offer and the option to make payments in instalments, we have succeeded in putting together a fantastic learning opportunity for those who previously felt that maybe they couldn’t make changes to their careers due to certain restrictions.