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Carbon Monoxide Detectors: News for those who aren't Gas Training too!

gas trainingEnsuring you have a Carbon Monoxide Detector is a household essential in this day and age. The small device situated just above our kitchen cabinets detects the presence of Carbon Monoxide Gas in order to alert us of any poisoning. The latest gas news proving important to both those who are undertaking gas training as well as those who aren't, tells of a story lead by the BBC who reported about detectors being advertised on Ebay and Amazon, that have failed safety tests!

'Which?' known as the company to give you guys the honest truth, stated the alarms removed from the popular sites highly resembled previous alarms which were also removed in the past too.

It's a good thing that the life saving devices such as Carbon Monoxide Detectors are tested for quality assurance as the unbranded devices that were removed, failed to detect the hazardous  gas when under examination.

Bought yours from Ebay or Amazon?


No model number?

Look like the above picture?

You may want to get yours checked out as consumers have been advised to contact the company they bought them from.

Which?'s managing director of home products and services warned consumers saying

''It's extremely concerning that these unsafe alarms were being sold by major retailers''

"When household names such as Amazon and eBay are selling products that could put consumers at risk, it is clear more must be done by businesses and the government to proactively identify potentially dangerous products and stop them from entering people's homes."


gas trainingAfter the BBC investigated further, a representative from both Ebay and Amazon had their opportunity to comment on the matter:

"The safety of customers is our number one priority and we work closely with bodies such as Trading Standards to ensure listings sold on our marketplace comply with the law.

The items flagged by Which? did not comply with the required UK regulations and were removed.

We are working with the sellers of these products to ensure their customers are aware they have been removed from the site."

gas trainingGood to see that Ebay are aware of the issue and are doing something about removing the danger from peoples homes. Similarly, here's what Amazon told the BBC:

"All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who don't will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. The products in question are no longer available."

Need we not remind people that Carbon Monoxide is both invisible and odourless hence why the special detectors are present in the first place.


Although not everyone is looking for gas training, it is important that all of us know the risks when it comes to house hold danger.

Gas Courses or not, make sure you don't test your luck as small as the detector is, it can have an even bigger impact on your life.