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Career Changes at Able Skills!

Career Changes are a regular occurrence at Able Skills and we have five current students with five different stories.

All year round we see lots of people going through career changes at Able Skills, with students in all trades training to begin their new careers. Whether they are looking to become Electricians or even Carpenters, we have the courses for them.

Our courses are very popular and lots of people travel from all over the world to train with us and start a new career, with some traveling from as far as Australia. Most recently we have had students from France, Belgium, and Gibraltar. They have been training with our plumbing courses and electrical courses and all looking for career changes.

A career change can be a daunting prospect, however, students at Able Skills prove week in, week out that it is possible and they have much enjoyable lives after. Staying in a job that you don’t enjoy can be awful and lots of people will never take the jump to start fresh. The amount of career changes we see at Able Skills from students of all ages is fantastic and they have been able to make a new start in life.

We have recently spoke to a few of our students at Able Skills that have come from many different walks of life to get training at Able Skills. In both construction and technical trades, we see people changing their careers. Here are the journeys of a few students at Able Skills.


Etienne is currently on one of our carpentry courses and has been progressing really well in the past few weeks. He actually decided to change his career three years ago, and started working for a bespoke tree house building company, however, he decided he needed some official qualifications.

Before becoming a carpenter, Etienne had worked as a Fisherman. He had worked across the world as a teacher for people learning how to fish. After 20 years of doing this job, Etienne decided it was time for a change. He is now coming towards the end of his City & Guilds Carpentry Course.

Etienne is one of many career changes at Able Skills. Etienne is one of many career changes at Able Skills.


Thanks to our accommodation at Able Skills we have students from all over the UK and Richard is one of them. He lives in Oxfordshire and has been working as a Taxi Driver, however, Richard decided he wanted to earn some more money and be in more secure work.

Richard has come to Able Skills all the way from Oxfordshire to complete our Level 2 Tiling Diploma course. The idea of getting a qualification he can be proud of was a big pull for him to do the course and he plans to go out and work self-employed as a Tiler.

Richard Richard


Dominic has been working as a Lorry Driver around the UK, however, he eventually got tired with working for someone else and knew it was time for a change. Dominic’s sister had previously done a Painting & Decorating course at Able Skills and has since been very successful with her new career.

After some consideration, Dominic decided to take the same route as his sister and go on the City & Guilds Painting & Decorating Course. He is looking forward to starting his new career and working his own hours in the Swanley area.

Dominic Dominic


Jake has been working as a Farmer and after some very long hours and not getting much reward for it, he decided it was time for a change in his career path. He took our City & Guilds Plastering Course as he looks to build a new career as a Plasterer.

As he no longer wanted to work for someone, Jake decided that becoming a Plasterer would allow him to be his own boss. He is now finishing his plastering course with us and he is looking forward to going self-employed and having a better social life.

Jake Jake


Nick has been with us at Able Skills for the last few weeks, he was previously a Chef. After the long hours for little money, Nick decided that he wanted a change to improve his lifestyle. He is on our biggest package here at Able Skills to become a fully qualified Electrician.

He is working through his Level 2 Electrical Course and is really enjoying the intense course so far. Nick has plenty more electrical courses to go at Able Skills.

Nick Nick

If you are interested in starting a new career in a construction or technical trade, please contact us today on 0808 100 3245 and we will be more than happy to help! Be one of the many career changes we see at Able Skills every year!