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Here at Able Skills, we offer a range of different construction trades. Our carpentry courses are taught by expert instructors in our carpentry centre which is stocked full of the newest machinery and equipment. There is no better facility out there for gaining the practical skills needed to become a successful carpenter! If you are looking to start a career in the trade Our City & Guilds Carpentry & Joinery Combined Course is a great place to start. This 6-week extended carpentry qualification is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to understand the fundamentals and gain a foundation to work from...


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You can become a Carpenter by training at Able Skills.


This course will land you with two City & Guild's qualifications, one in carpentry and one in joinery. During this training program, you will be taught a huge variety of skills and cover many aspects needed to become a professional - You will build a portfolio of your work, recording all of your practical carpentry and joinery assessments. This complete and detailed portfolio, along with final certification, can be used as evidence of experience when you are applying for work within the carpentry industry. Here is the basic structure of this comprehensive 6-week course: 


Course One – Carpentry


The training and assessments you will undertake are:


  • Health and Safety in construction
  • Fixing architraves and skirtings
  • Constructing and fixing hatch linings
  • Fitting locks and latches


Course Two – Joinery


The training and assessments you will undertake are:


  • Constructing halving joints
  • Constructing housing joints
  • Constructing through mortice and tenon joints
  • Constructing angled halving joints
  • Constructing bridle joints
  • Constructing haunched mortice and tenon joints
  • Constructing stub mortice and tenon joints

What makes us the best choice?


Well, firstly it's our experience, we have been in the business of teaching trades like this for over 18-years and during that time we have earned a reputation providing a high-quality of training, take a look online at our many reviews and the positive feedback that we receive about our carpentry courses and other trades. Secondly, our facilities are second to none, in fact, last year we just upgraded our carpentry centre with the newest machinery and we aim to stay competitive with the materials, tools and equipment that we provide to our students, everything is provided on our courses and you will not need to purchase anything apart from a pair of steel toe capped boots to get started! Additionally, you know that upon completion you will be receiving an industry-recognised qualification. Your City & Guild's certificate is recognised highly by the construction industry as a whole!



Ready to Learn?



Following the government's advice, we have suspended all of our training courses apart from our plumbing & electrical 'Home-Study' courses which is critical to protecting the NHS and saving lives. However, during this time do your research and take a look through our website at the carpentry courses and the many different courses that we offer and prepare yourself as best you can. Many thanks to all of the students bearing with the current situation we will work hard to get you back on track and to aspiring traders we hope to see you soon!


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