Week after week we see lots of different students coming in and out of our Carpentry Centre on a variation of courses. Many of them looking to change their careers and start fresh and some even looking to get some basic starter skills in the industry. Our Carpentry Courses cater for everyone’s needs and ambitions.

From short carpentry courses to much longer courses, our centre offers all pathways into the industry with City & Guilds accredited courses and NVQ qualifications. Along with our carpentry courses, we also run joinery courses that work as stand-alone courses and combined courses with the carpentry qualifications.

Our wide range of carpentry training options has meant we are extremely busy across the year with our carpentry courses. We have seen students travel from all over the globe to train at Able Skills on our courses and this year is no different, with students from Canada, France and Australia. This week we have taken some time to get to know two of our carpentry and joinery students here at Able Skills.

Firstly, we spoke with Nathan who is currently on the second week of his City & Guilds Carpentry Course. Nathan made the decision that he wanted a career change after working nearly 15 years as a mechanic. So far, Nathan has thoroughly enjoyed his training and praised his tutors and the well-equipped centre. Nathan is looking to a new career as a Carpenter and after previously doing some work on his house, he will now be looking to work for a small company before eventually going out and working for himself.carpentry courses

Next, we have Sarah who is now coming to the end of her City & Guilds Joinery Course. Sarah has always carried out woodwork tasks and even built the inside of her own van. She has done lots of work for the National Trust and environmental work. Sarah is now looking to learn the ins and outs as she looks to start her own charity where she can teach people such as refugees and people out of work basic tasks that will get them back into work. She has learnt so much on her course and is excited for the future.sarah

We would like to wish Nathan and Sarah the best of luck for the future in their new careers!

If you are interested in getting started in a new career with our City & Guilds Carpentry Courses, please contact us on 0808 100 3245 for more information. We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

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