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Catch Up With Home Study Electrical Course Student Hannah!

Home Study Electrical Courses Hannah On Her Home Study Electrical Course

A few months back we spoke to a student named Hannah who enrolled onto our City & Guilds accredited Level 2 Home Study Electrical Course. Currently working in sales for an electrical company, it was here where she became inspired to go for a career within electrics for herself.

As she searched online for the best Electrician Courses to suit her needs, she came across Able Skills' Home Study options which allowed Hannah to keep her current role and work towards becoming a fully qualified at the same time.

How Is Hannah Getting On?

Hannah is now back for her third week of practical training and it's safe to say she's had plenty to do! She said she had a lot of information to take in and she explained how it's all a matter of applying the information. Hannah said she has been using Smart Screen and found it very helpful in preparing for her third week at our centre.

Hannah also explained how she is able to work as an Electrician's mate for the company she works at for more practical experience in the real world. This gives her a massive advantage over others who may not have the luxury of having somewhere to work and more importantly, apply the skills she's learnt with us.

Plans After?

Hannah told us she wants more practical experience working as an Electrician's mate. When she feels ready to do so, she wants to return to Able Skills for her City & Guilds Level 3 qualification and train on weekends!

Electrical Courses Able Skills Electrical Courses And Electrician Training Are Both City & Guilds Accredited

This is a common pattern for students who achieve their Level 2. After gaining a Level 3 Qualification, students even then go on to work towards their NVQ Level 3. This is achieved through having an on site assessment as well as being assessed in our dedicated AM2 Centre.

Please keep in mind that we do offer an NVQ Level 3 for Experienced Workers too! However, we do require evidence of working as a practicing Electrician for 5 years before being considered for this course.

If you're pushed for time but still want to train as a future Electrician, our Home Study Electrical Courses could be for you. Hannah isn't the only one going for a more hands on role and we encourage more of you to take the leap just like she did!

If you want to find out more about how our Home Study Electrical Courses work, please click here.