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Catch Up With Students On The Able Skills Level 2 Electrical Course

Catch Up With Students On The Able Skills Level 2 Electrical Course


Today was the start of yet another City & Guilds Accredited Level 2 Electrical Course at Able Skills. Currently taught by instructor Clive, we though we would give students a warm welcoming by asking them a few questions as to why they enrolled onto the course in the first place and what they plan on doing in the future. We actually went live on Facebook today showing Clive giving side by side help as and when students needed it. Held in one of our Electrical Centres, take a look at the video below before we get into the questions!

Why are they doing it?

When speaking to the group, students had different reasons as to why they've enrolled onto the Electrical Course. Of course the general answer in the room was that they all wanted to get qualified and gain their Level 2 Electrical City & Guilds Certificate so they can work their way up in the industry.

One student named Jason wanted to actually change careers who currently works as a Gym Manager. The reason for the change comes from wanting to learn a lucrative trade and earn alot more money than he's currently on. With the demand for Gas Engineers at the moment, we're happy to help Jason make the transition to make a better living!

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Future Plans

Naturally, those undergoing career development courses have some idea of what they would like to do upon completion of the course. As well as gaining the correct qualifications, Zack aspires to go self employed and work the hours he wants to rather than being on a general schedule. Becoming self employed often means more money in the bank as you have the power to price jobs yourself and get back what you put in.

Kyle on the other hand wants to gain more on site experience as he is completely new to the industry. This is a common move by many electrical students we speak to here as the Level 2 Electrical Course perfectly sets students up to gain the correct skills needed to find work immediately.

Adam actually wants to pursue the Level 3 Electrical Course after completing the Level 2 and gaining extra experience on site.

Why Able Skills and First Impressions?

All students said they had done their research on where to go and they all told us that Able Skills was the most recognised training centre they could find. All students had seen our Facebook page too and 2 students in particular actually said they heard of us through word of mouth. They both had friends that had completed the Level 2 Electrical Course before and it was through such recommendation, that they came and gave us a visit!

All students had nothing but wonderful things to say about the course so far. Comments such as 'brilliant', 'great facilities' and 'the teachers are really friendly' were said and we're happy to help students gain the qualifications they're after!

If you would like to find out more about the City & Guilds Level 2 Electrical Course, then please click here!