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CBI urges Government to push ahead with construction projects

Infrastructure projects across the country must no longer be stopped or delayed, business leaders are telling the Government, amid concerns that there have been "too few signs of action" over the last two years.

If more construction projects do begin and delays are limited, it would also bring job opportunities for many tradespeople, contractors and apprentices across the country.

The UK’s top business lobbying organisation, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), has made the calls to the Government, saying that they fear a "lack of political will" is hindering schemes and construction projects across the country.

The organisation urged politicians to commit to projects which would help with job creation, apprenticeship opportunities, business investment and exports. These projects would then in turn help to boost the overall economic recovery in the country, the body said.

The CBI and accountancy firm KPMG surveyed 526 businesses and discovered a lack of confidence in Government infrastructure policy, much of which has thus far failed to lead to projects being delivered.

Sixty-five per cent of the firms confirmed that believed Government policies would “have no tangible impact,” on the projects going ahead. However, 35 per cent of businesses believed that the policies would make a difference to projects going ahead.

Director-general of the CBI, John Cridland, told the Manchester Evening News: "Government has talked the talk on infrastructure for the last two years with too few signs of action.

"The faltering speed of delivery on infrastructure creates a worrying sense that politicians lack the political will to tackle some of the major issues head-on,” he added.

Mr Cridland also said that the Government needed to commit to delivering a number of projects over the course of the coming 18 months. It also needed to focus on the airport capacity of the UK, as well as road reforms, he said.

A spokesman for the Government said: “At the Spending Round we set out