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Celebrating World Plumbing Day By Looking Back At The Students We've Helped!

Today is World Plumbing Day and that means a time to look back on just how much plumbing has helped society flourish in terms of hygiene and sanitation. Some things plumbers are responsible for preventing are hot water scalding, legionnaires' disease, water inefficiency, lead in water supplies and pollution. Being a centre that provides Plumbing Courses, we are training the plumbers of tomorrow and ensure the world is protected from what's listed above.

We thought we would celebrate World Plumbing Day ourselves by taking a look back at the students we've helped in the past year and showcase their success. We've literally trained hundreds upon hundreds of students on our Plumbing Courses in the past year alone and thought to ourselves, well what better way to celebrate World Plumbing Day?


Who Remembers The Cabby Plumbers?


plumbing courses The Cabby Plumbers at Able Skills

This time last year, our plumbing centres hosted the training for the cabby trio that are The Cabby Plumbers. With all three of them coming from careers as black cab drivers in London, they all turned to Able Skills Plumbing Courses for a change of career. Having only met each other on the course, all three discovered they all had similar backgrounds and decided to launch their own company offering private work under the name that is 'The Cabby Plumbers'. All three cab drivers enrolled onto the City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course as it enabled them to get the best possible start within the industry and offer the services they're currently offering. With Gas Courses being a popular follow on course for plumbers, the trio decided to add to their skill set by starting their journey to become Gas Safe Registered!


Next We Have Student Paul Shearman!


Paul also enrolled onto the Level 2 Plumbing Course as he saw great opportunity to earn some extra money all from having very minimal plumbing experience in the past. Paul had unfortunately been made redundant and turned to plumbing to kick start a career with good money, prospects and something that's hands on as he explained in the above Able Skills Real Life Video Review. In Paul's review, he told us that he found the facilities and teaching to be exactly what he needed and recommended to anyone interested that if they're thinking about learning the trade, to 'go for it!'


The Man Behind Anchora Plumbing!


plumbing courses

plumbing courses Able Skills Plumbing Courses are City & Guilds accredited

Shown above is our next student that benefited from Able Skills Plumbing Courses. Former student Gary Loughnane hit instant success after he received training and in a nutshell, here's why Gary chose Plumbing as a trade:

'My friends had recently become qualified Plumbers and I saw first hand at how well they were doing. I was stuck in my current job with nowhere to go so I thought I would look at going into the trade myself''

Soon after completing his Plumbing Training, Gary launched 'Anchora Plumbing' and he stated that the challenge he's facing now is keeping up with his growing number of clients!


From Estate Agent To Plumber!


plumbing coursesJames worked as an estate agent for 4 years and even previously worked as a window, kitchen and bathroom fitter! By holding hands on work under his belt, James easily adapted to the new challenges our Plumbing Courses offered. Why did James go from being an estate agent to Plumber? Because he said it simply wasn't stimulating enough. When speaking to James, one thing that stood out to us was when he complimented our teaching by telling us our instructors 'tell you everything you need to know rather than what you don't'. Having heard of us through a friend, it's great to see how word of mouth became the start of a career for life!

If there's one thing we gain the most satisfaction out of, it's helping people achieve the life they want to live. That's doing something they enjoy and making a good living out of it. The above student stories are evidence that it can be done and we're happy that events such as World Plumbing Day are giving the plumbers of the world the limelight they deserve for their services to the public! If you've been inspired by the above students and would like to see where our Plumbing Courses can take you, please click here!