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Tiling Work By Student James Harforth In 360°!

Check Out Our Tiling Courses in 360 degrees!

Tiling remains a popular option for not only tradesmen who carry out bathroom installations, but for those who simply want to add another skill to their repertoire. Current Level 2 NVQ Tiling Course student James Harforth however currently works for a building firm but wants to specialise in Tiling and has some big plans of his own for 2019. Let's have a look at the type of work he's doing at the moment and you can definitely expect an 'afterwards' photo of the final product!

The above picture shows James being shown the trade by one of our Tiling instructors Keith in one of our bays we have available to students over in our Tiling Centre. Working amongst several other aspiring tradesmen, students are given their own bays to be taught the trade by one of our several Tiling instructors. With a range of courses stemming from the Introduction to Tiling, all the way to the NVQ Level 2 like what James is doing and everything inbetween, regardless of your goal, our facilities and staff make for a great combination to seeing you reach a career high.

tiling courses Able Skills Tiling Courses are City & Guilds accredited

The above picture shows James working on a full bathroom with each wall involving different types of tiles to really assess his competence. All of the tiles shown in the picture are ceramic and is far from the finished product. James still has the remaining walls to do, as well as the flooring. This right here is a great example of real life work Tilers can expect in the real world and that's what makes our Tiling Courses as good as they are.

Once successfully completed, James has his eyes set on offering private work as well as doing all tiling work that gets sent his way for the Tiling firm he currently works for. When speaking to James you can clearly tell he has passion for what he does and it's also very clear to see that he enjoys the work.

James expects to complete the bathroom in the next coming days and we'll be sure to grab an after picture when it's all done! If you would like to find out more about the particular Tiling Course James is doing, please click here. P.s... don't forget to zoom in and out, and toggle around the picture to get the full 360° effect!