5 tips for picking the right training provider

Ensuring you choose the right training provider is essential when it comes to getting your career off to the best possible start. 

High-quality training doesn’t just make all the difference when it comes to developing your skills, it also makes sure you’re fit to carry out work safely, and are in a position to achieve the qualifications required to seek employment within your industry once completed.

This period is very much an investment in your future—putting that extra bit of research in now will save you a lot of headaches further down the line. 

There are a range of factors that should be taken into account before committing to a training programme. It’s well worth double-checking these with your potential provider beforehand, rather than realising half way through your course that it doesn’t cover everything you need.

Below are five of the big things to look out for. 


Each trade has its own governing body, or bodies, which require different qualifications to be held before you can carry out work. 

When deciding which training provider to use, check that they hold the appropriate accreditation. For example, courses should be approved by City & Guilds, EAL, CITB and BPEC, and meet the standards expected from the industry’s governing body.  

Staff and their qualifications 

Naturally, those designing and teaching your course should have in-depth experience and knowledge of the trade, while also possessing the necessary qualifications to teach and carry out assessments.

Health and safety is always top priority across any of the trade industries, meaning it’s crucial that those teaching the next generation of tradespeople are equipped to do so to the highest possible standard. 


Price-point is always a big factor when deciding on your training provider. While shopping around and searching for value is certainly worthwhile, equally don’t be fooled when things look a little too good to be true. 

Quality comes at a price, and again, this should be seen as an investment into your future. You can always check if the company offers flexible payment options which can help make things a little more manageable. 

Can you visit the training centre first?

All trade sectors are constantly changing as new technologies are introduced. With that in mind you’ll want assurances that whichever training centre you choose has the facilities capable of preparing you for these real-life work situations. 

Any good training provider will always be willing to allow you to visit and take a look around at their offering before you make any kind of commitment. 

Space available and facilities 

While gaining an understanding of the facilities on offer at the training centre, it’s also useful to enquire about things like accessibility, public transport links and accommodation, should it be needed. 

It’s also worth double-checking if there’s a waiting list for the course you’re interested in, and how long that might be. 

After nearly two decades offering industry-leading training, we’re confident in our ability to deliver and prepare aspiring tradespeople of all experiences. If you’re unsure which route is right for you we’ll always be transparent in what we can provide and offer honest advice based on each individual’s needs. 

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