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A closer look at our Electrician Courses...

Looking to be an Electrician? When searching for the best electrician courses, you must consider the course content and ensure it covers everything you need to help build the specialist skill set you signed up for.

When teaching students at entry level to those who already hold industry experience, we always aim to take students to a higher understanding across their trade.

One of the Electrician Courses running at our centre this week is the City & Guilds accredited Level 2 Electrical Course.

Now for those who are already considering a career within electrics, it's likely you may already have an idea of what to expect. But how about we show you what some of our students have been up to today that ties in with the course material given online.

electrician coursesHere we see student Ovidiu working on wiring a 16 Amp supply to a 16 Amp commando socket using steel wired armoured cable before testing the circuit. Currently on week number 1, such task is most common amongst commercial work.

electrician coursesWorking along side Ovidiu is fellow Level 2 student Radu. Here Radu is shown running a small sub main to an installation such as a shed or garage supply to a small secondary consumer unit.

Upon completion, Radu will then be testing the entire circuit using a steel wired armoured cable. We show our students all aspects of work in the real world and the work Radu is doing here is typically more of a domestic based project.

With both of the above students just finishing their first week, let's take a look at what they can expect in their third as we now see what Jamie, Joe and Mark have been working on.

electrician coursesStarting with Jamie is a small lighting installation using steel conduit. The aim of this particular task is to teach Jamie how to install and wire single cables with containment.

Similarly to Ovidiu, this form of work is more commonly found across industrial applications and it's important we teach such different ends of the spectrum to add to students specialist skills.

electrician courseselectrician coursesLet's talk testing... The 'highly demanded' skill is most certainly taught by our expert instructors. Joe shown above is seen completing a steel wired armoured installation to a 16 Amp commando socket. Not only has Joe been learning how to actually test the circuit, but what's equally important is showing Joe how to correctly  fill out the test certificate too. Being an important aspect of becoming an Electrician, this remains a popular part of the course.

Also on his third week of the Level 2 Electrical Course, is Mark and his final ring circuit wired with twin and earth cable.

After working hard to complete the circuit along with a 16 Amp commando socket, Mark then tested the circuit in preparation for main supply power.

Although complex, such work shown above doesn't give our electrician courses the justice they deserve as you can only imagine the depth they go into over the entire 7 weeks.

If you would like to follow in the footsteps of the above students or are interested in one of our many other courses, then please click here.