Combined Home-Study Level 2 & 3 Electrician courses!


Here at Able Skills we have noticed a rise in people looking to switch careers and gain valuable trade skills. Unfortunately, our traditional Electrician courses are full-booked until the new year, however, you can get started right now with our Home-Study options. If you are serious bout kick-starting a new career in the trade then you may want to consider our combined option which will allow you to work through both qualifications one after another at a discounted rate. Today we are going to look at how this option works and how to get started learning from home...


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Combined Home-Study Level 2 & 3 Electrician courses!

How does it work?


The course is completed in 4-stages. Firstly, you will receive a Level 2 Home-Study pack which will include all of the theory needed for the qualification and will effectively replace the instructor for the theoretical aspects. The pack will also include test questions for you to test yourself as you study. Once you feel comfortable in the theory you will book 4-weeks for practical training and to complete the relevant assessments.



Now that you have completed the Level 2 the process will start again and we will send you the Level 3 Home-Study pack which again will be packed full of information for you to work through at your own pace. Once more, when you feel comfortable with your new-found knowledge you will book 3-weeks this time for the practical side of the course and to complete the exams. This qualification is tested


Electrician coureses

Example of 'Home-Study' a Pack.



Want to know more?


To learn more about our range of Electrician courses give us a call on 0808 100 3245. We are happy to help in any way that we can whether you have some questions about our centre and the courses on offer or you want to secure your place on one of our training options. You are also completely welcome to pay us a visit in person, no need for an appointment or even to call ahead, you can simply walk into our office during our opening hours. We are open 7-days a week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30!


If you live outside of the local area then you may already be thinking about securing accommodation in the local area for the duration of your Electrician training courses. We actually have our own accommodation available exclusively for our students.  Our accommodation is located just a short walking distance from our centre making the journey easy and effortless whilst studying. Accommodation can be booked with us for the reasonable price of just £20 per night! - If you are interested make sure to contact us ahead of your courses' starting date as spaces are limited and go very quickly!




Electrician courses