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Completed your Electrician Courses? JIB To Help Those Looking For Direct Employment

Finally some help for those seeking direct employment!


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Successfully completing your Electrician Training and Courses is the first step to becoming a fully qualified. The next step is to of course seek work and it's here where the JIB are calling for an increase in direct employment.

For 2018, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Skills Workstream set a specific goal to 'encourage action to reduce the number of workers not in direct employment, especially false self-employment which is a clear barrier to employers investing in training. Industry needs to collaborate to encourage all public and private sector clients to consistently mandate direct hire practices in their supply chain'.

The CLC works closely with the business leaders of the construction industry in an attempt to help the overall sector for the better. With the industry booming more than ever, it only makes sense to help the Electrician out there find direct work.

The quality and capacity of skills required to support the construction industry, as well as aiming to increase productivity, holds a massive place within the CLC's skills strategy too.

Here's what the JIB Chief Executive, Steve Brawley, had to say:


“Whilst the statement by the Construction Leadership Council Skills Workstream is welcome, it is simply warm words at this stage. What we need is evidence of action, for example the inclusion of direct employment in tender invitations and contracts. That will make a difference and every JIB member will welcome the opportunity to tender for electrical work on a level playing field.”

“The same point applies to false self-employment, main contractors and clients should not accept false self-employment on their projects. We will be very happy to work with any client or main contractor who takes this aspiration seriously and wants to make a difference.”

It's all worth it!


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Aiming to better employment standards within any industry is always positive and aiming to do so within the construction industry is a god's send considering how huge the sector has become. Perhaps it really is time to promote direct employment more and encourage those within the industry to follow in the JIB's footsteps.

The JIB is obviously speaking mainly for all the Electricians out there. But, what can you do to help secure employment? Make sure you have undertaken all Electrician Courses and Training is a must.

After all, what good are you if you haven't even passed your knowledge of the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations? Seeing as all electrical installations must legally abide to such rules in 2019, you will certainly be out of a job if you are not up to date!

To book your 18th edition and ensure you have undergone all essential Electrician Courses and Training, please click here if you would like to train at an IET Centre of Excellence with an exclusive AM2 Centre too!