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Compulsory electrical safety checks could boost opportunities for electricians

A Member of the Scottish Parliament is calling for compulsory electrical safety checks to be introduced in privately rented accommodation, a move which, if agreed, could lead to numerous opportunities for electricians.

Bob Doris, MSP for Glasgow is championing the safety checks in order to create safer conditions for tenants. Working alongside the Electrical Safety Council (ESC), Mr Doris has been raising awareness of the importance of such checks and campaigning for safety standards to be improved across the board.

“Landlords have a responsibility to ensure that their properties are safe for purpose for their tenants. Most landlords are good landlords and ensure that their homes are fit for purpose and safe – but good practice needs to be regulated to ensure it is universal across Scotland,” Mr Doris said.

He went on to explain that the ESC’s proposal comprised compulsory, five yearly checks by a registered electrician of all electrical work at a rented property as well as all included electrical appliances supplied by the landlord.

Mr Doris confirmed his plan to bring forward an alteration to the Housing Bill in 2014 to include the safety checks, saying that Margaret Burgess, the Scottish Government Housing Minister, was “open-minded” to his proposal.

Meanwhile, director general of the ESC, Phil Buckle, highlighted the importance of electrical safety checks, confirming that the majority of annual domestic fires - 69 per cent - in Scotland were caused by electricity.

“We believe regular electrical safety checks - undertaken by a suitably qualified person - [are] particularly important for raising standards in the Private Rented Sector,” he said.