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Construction Boom in the North West

construction boomIt has been an up and down kind of year in the construction industry with output changing monthly and the last few months have seen a negative impact hit. However, in recent times construction seems to be hitting a boom, especially in the North West region on the UK.

Construction overall in the North West over the past year seems to be on the up with some other areas of the country struggling to keep up. Here is what was said on the Government website:

“According to the Office of National Statistics, total construction output across the region is up 15% to more than £4.6 billion in the 3 months to August 2018 compared to the same period last year.”

Although, construction output is averaging good figures across the UK for the past year despite a number of poor months. With a number of factors such as the unusual weather, Brexit and the ongoing skills shortage.

Here at Able Skills, we have well documented the current skills shortage that has been affecting the construction industry. With Brexit looming, fears are growing that the skills shortage may grow with some overseas workers struggling to get work in the UK.

Many see the skills shortage as a negative, however, we see it as a huge opportunity for people to start a new career and get work right away. Building is planned and being completed across the country and workers are needed in all construction trades. This means work is available for people with the correct qualifications.

It is now a fantastic time to get training and started in the construction industry as work is available across the country and with construction booming in the North West it means more work will be completed and started. Our students come from all over the country and we are seeing an increase of students coming from northern areas and using our accommodation. The accommodation available here at Able Skills is so popular among our students and at just £20 a night it makes it affordable to stay while you train.

We offer the qualification courses in all the trades that will gain you the skills and certification you need to work on-site in the construction industry. You can view all the courses on offer here:

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