construction industryFor the first time this year the Construction Industry seems to be up the up. Many believe it would take a while to see improvement in the output of the industry. However, in June the industry posted much better figures than expected.

The beast from the east early this year put a sword right through the heart of the construction work across the UK. Thanks to the warmer weather in recent months, the industry is back up on its feet and lots of work is continuing.

As the housing shortage continues to be a problem, the construction industry needs to be on the up and not slowing down. With more work now being completed across the UK, more workers are needed in all trades and the skills shortage is the only reason stopping the industry from reaching their house building targets.

Being reported on The Guardian, the increase in the construction is looking positive. Here is what they said:

“Britain’s construction industry staged a stronger than expected recovery in June, overcoming the worst of a slowdown this year and helping edge the Bank of England closer towards raising interest rates.

After suffering during the heavy snow earlier this year, when diggers and cranes were forced to fall idle across the country, bright sunshine and warmer weather over the past month helped builders back to work.

The rebound for the industry could suggest much of the weakness earlier this year was the result of the “beast from the east” and was not triggered by a broader malaise for the building trade.”

With more and more work being planned and started across the UK, more workers will be needed in every trade. This means it’s the perfect time to get training and start that new career you’ve always dream of.

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