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Construction Industry Set for Pay Rise!

construction industryWe have previously spoke about the skills shortage and the incredible demand for those working in the construction industry. Today we bring such news that will be music to employees ears' as it's now being reported that the industry is expecting to see more than a 5% salary increase by 2020!

The pay rise was sparked by negotiations between employers and the trade union Unite. Representing the industry's employers was The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) who have managed to agree a hourly rate increase of 2.5% starting this October which will be followed by another 2.75% increase in a years time.

As both parties voiced their opinions in what was referred to as 'positive and constructive', those working in the industry can even expect an additional day of paid annual holiday! Such arrangement will become effective from February 2020.

Paula Samuels (BESA head of employment affairs) said:

“A very positive collaborative spirit has developed between the negotiating parties over recent years. This has allowed us to reach a conclusion that is fair and in the interests of both the employers and the operatives, who provide the skills that are vital to our industry and its clients.”

Paula continued to explain that she looks forward to a close relationship with the industry this year, as many people are concerned about what Brexit and the collapse of Carillion means for the country.

The BESA President and Chief Negotiator Tim Hopkinson gave his opinion stating:

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“This is an extremely challenging time for employers in our sector, which makes planning for the future a very tricky exercise. However, we also have solid grounds for optimism. There is growing demand for our specialist skills and expertise as the UK embarks on an ambitious infrastructure programme and seeks to upgrade its commercial and residential building stock.

“It is extremely helpful, therefore, to be able to conclude these important negotiations positively so everyone can look to the future''.

Now there's many people out there who don't quite understand the size of the skills shortage and how much the construction industry is really booming. We remain massively busy on all of our construction courses such as Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, Carpentry, Tiling, Plastering, Bricklaying and Decorating.

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