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Construction output increased due to housebuilding

The increase in housebuilding over the UK has meant there has been a rise in construction output and this is the first time this has happened in four months. Construction of new homes is showing a growth in the industry and this has helped with the ongoing housing crisis.

A rise in the construction industry has given hope after a recent slump since the UK’s decision to leave the European Union back in June. The growth in the industry in September has been widely said to be down to the increase in housebuilding.

The government have now assigned £5bn to help build 25,000 new homes in the UK. This will see increased construction work up and down the country and more workers will be needed to help with the added demand to build new homes.

Over the past year it has been well documented that there is a skills shortage amongst the construction industry and more skilled workers are needed. With more money being assigned to build more affordable homes in the UK, more workers will be needed.

It has given a fantastic opportunity to people looking for a new career to get training in one of the many construction trades. Skilled and qualified workers are needed across all trades for various construction work and some tradesmen/women are getting a very good wage for their jobs.

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