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Construction representative taking skills campaign to Downing Street

Construction industry representatives are to attend a major summit in Downing Street in January aimed at removing barriers to construction growth in the UK.

The summit is being led by the construction industry’s skills body, CITB-ConstructionSkills, and will consist of a 25-strong delegation including the body’s chief executive, Mark Farrar, and chairman, James Wates.

The summit is part of the Construction4Growth campaign, which has been running for the last six months and hopes to position construction as a critical component to the wellbeing of the UK economy, and encourage the government to invest in construction as a means of emerging from recession.

Mr Farrar explained, “Getting into Downing Street is a tremendous step forward for the Construction4Growth campaign and for CITB-ConstructionSkills. It will give us the opportunity to present our views on how we can positively impact the UK economy.”

“As the leadership Industry Training Board for the sector, it is our job to bring together industry and government to broker relationships that will improve skills, training and employment opportunities for the future.”

Esther McVey, the MP for Wirral West, has been supporting Construction4Growth since its formation, added, “It’s encouraging to see the industry working with Government in this way. There is a realisation that a lack of skills in the industry can hinder growth.”