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Construction sector to benefit from handy new folding chisel

Hand tools specialist Stanley has launched its new Fatmax Pocket Folding Chisel, designed to make it easier and safer for construction professionals to carry around the tool.

A chisel is one of a tradesman's most essential tools, and is used across many areas of construction, from carpentry to building and decorating and even electrical work. The new folding tool – which comes complete with a hardened and tempered high carbon steel 25mm blade – has a composite body and a handle which splits into two separate parts which fold in a butterfly action and encase the blade when not in use.

This means that the blade will be protected, making it last longer and remain sharper, and the folding action will also protect against torn pockets and tool bags and scratched skin.

The chisel also features interlocking slots that help to prevent any movement when the tool is in use. It also boasts a steel strike cap on the end, increasing its versatility and durability.

The FatMax chisel was recently described on the Tool Jury forum on Stanley Tools' website as a “great bit of kit" and "a good idea well executed" by carpenter John Moore. The chisel was used by Mr Moore to hang several oak doors, and he confirmed that it was an idea tool for chopping the hinge mortices for the doors and also for paring them flat.

Stanley also launched a new folding Jabsaw earlier this year, which boasts a locking mechanism that is able to be secured in three positions (90°, 135° and 180°), making it ideal for cutting ceiling and corner sections. Its foldaway blade means it can be stored safely either in a toolbox or pocket. The tool's 8TPI blade features three sided JetCut teeth, making a user's life far easier as it is capable of cutting on both the push and pull stroke.